ACME Leather Wallets

This new leather collection is yet another first for ACME Studio. This collection uses a brand new method of printing leather, which is called “Digital Engraving.” ACME is the first company anywhere in the world to be using Digital Engraving technology, and it is now a trademark of ACME Studio Inc.

We are lucky enough to have been working side by side with the people that actually helped to develop this incredible new technology. This close collaboration and their endless patience during the development of this project have resulted in the products shown on the following pages. Nothing like these products have ever been seen before, as it was not possible to produce anything like this before now.

This new process is so special and the results of our 12 months of experimentation were so amazing, that we were compelled to invite many of our friends, who happen to be some of the world’s best industrial designers, to see what they could come up with. As with any new technology in the hands of several designers, each one had a different perspective on how to approach the project. During the design development, the designers have helped to innovate and push the boundaries of what is now possible with this new process.

The process involves having the colors applied onto raw, untanned leather hides, so the colors are part of the tanning of the leather. All of the colors, including the background color, are applied all at one time. Since the colors are part of the tanning process, they become part of the leather itself and are not just printed on the surface. This makes it impossible for the colors to scratch off or fade, and are as permanent as if they were the standard black or brown.

Since the application of the colors does not adhere to blemishes or any imperfections in the raw leather, we are forced to use only the best quality leather available anywhere. It is not unusual for us to turn away as much as 70% of the raw hides that are received. There is nothing wrong with this other 70%, and it would be perfectly usable to any other company doing basic one-color accessories, but it is simply not good enough for this process. The results are of the best possible quality, designed by great designers, for people who know the difference and appreciate good design.

But that’s all we can say, as the actual details of the process itself are a well-guarded secret.

The best part of this project is that it allows us to express the endless designs from our many designers, in the exact way that we have done with our ACME Writing Tools.

As we conclude the details to this first collection, we are beginning to organize the next one, with more designers, more possibilities, and many more surprises to come!