Santa Fe Collection by Mosaic™ (Formerly Dilana)

Santa Fe Collection by Mosaic™  (Formerly Dilana)
For those who make work an adventure, we offer casual styling in rich full-grain Colombian Leather. The full-grain Colombian Vaqueta leathers are definitely unique to this part of the country. Although, other tanneries around the world have attempted to duplicate the leather and tanning process, the fact is it hasn’t ever been done. Other countries are importing the finished Colombian Vaqueta hides. However, even with the Colombian hides, the finished product loses much of the integrity without the marriage of old-world craftsmanship inherent in products made in Colombia.

Not all Colombian Vaqueta leathers are the same and have a definite range in quality. All of our hides come from high in the Andean mountain range. The benefit is that the climate is cold, and the animals don’t have the insect bites and undesirable markings found on animals in warmer climates. The leather is extremely supple and the distinct characteristics lend a unique personality to each product. The Santa Fe customer doesn’t have to be a leather expert to determine that this is an exceptional leather product. Considering this product has a very rustic casual appearance, we had quite a challenge to find hardware that properly complements the leather. In our search for the perfect hardware we ran across a Colombian foundry that made us feel as if we had gone back in time. The rustic brass hardware is unique to our product and custom made to our exacting specifications. It is no mystery that many customers describe this collection as the ‘attire for the weekend warrior’.