Keep'em HOT! Tortilla Warmer

Keep'em HOT! Tortilla Warmer
Item# 10_Inch_Diameter

Product Description

Tired of cold to lukewarm? Dry or brittle tortillas? No more with the "Keep'em Hot!" Warmer, hot not warm! Up to 45 minutes or longer!

Heat your tortillas directly from the fridge by putting them in your Tortillero and placing them in the microwave. Approximately two minutes on high power will do for ten tortillas, one and a half for six tortillas.

Or simply place in the Tortillero those tortillas that had been previously heated on the burner of your stove, to keep them warm throughout the entire meal.

Made of cloth and plastic.

From top left to right:
Jalapeņos Jalapeņos, Red Sun, Blue Sun

Middle row:
The Hot Chile, The Tipsy Chile, Red Chiles

Bottom row:
Yo Quiero Chihuahua Dog, Rooster